Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas photos

Taking pictures of all three girls is always interesting.  You may remember how last year's "photo shoot" ended.

This year started how last year's ended.  Think about that for a second and then see the pictures below!

The second picture is in the Christmas card!  "Wishing you great JOY!" ;) 

The reason behind the meltdown and awkwardness of Mackenzie is that these beautiful dresses are a bit itchy.  The metallic threads stick out and itch the girls.  I knew they were itchy, so I tried to trim the threads around the neck and arm holes.  I had two cake pops waiting for them for after the ordeal. ;)
After 5 minutes (if that) of absolutely no good group shots, I gave up and decided to take individual shots outside.  I left Meredith inside to continue her fit.  Mackenzie's pictures were great.


Miranda was starting to get upset outside, so no additional outside shots aside from the ones I took inside.

Back inside, Meredith had calmed down and decided that she wanted her picture taken outside too, so we did.

I have no idea how or why she turned her left foot all the way around, but she insisted I take her picture in this pose! ;)

After those wonderful shots I went back inside to see if Mackenzie wanted to take pictures outside - all three were happy, after all.  But unfortunately, I had told her she could take off the dress and there was no way she was putting it back on. :/  So, no all-three-smiling group shots (will that ever happen?), but that's ok.  These picture tell about what our life is really like! ;)

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  1. I laughed when I got your Christmas card. I love it!


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