Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things to remember...

I have a pretty good memory, but when it comes to remembering things the girls say I tend to get them confused or forget them altogether.  That's why I have the blog as well as a 10 year journal that I can remember a key story or saying from that day.  So it's wrap up day to remember different things the girls are doing and saying right now.

Not too long ago, Meredith, Miranda and I went shopping.  We stayed for lunch in the food court and then HAD to get cookies!  Meredith chose to support breast cancer awareness month!  Pink icing appeals to this 3 year old!
And Miranda LOVED her little chocolate chip cookie.

Apparently on that same day (I'm pretty sure I didn't dress both of them in the same clothes two separate days), we walked to Mackenzie's school to pick her up.  It's about 9/10 of a mile from our house to the school.  We made it there in 15 minutes because I was the only one walking.  We actually got there fairly early, so we took a little break for pictures! ;)

Now for the separate stories...

Miranda has found her belly button and if you ask her where it is, she'll lift up her shirt. ;)  She doesn't know any other body parts - but she's got the belly button down!

Miranda likes to swing...

Miranda also discovered her bookcase.  More specifically, she discovered she can take all the books OFF!  And because I haven't learned my lesson after three kids, the alphabet magnets are still on the fridge and in the last week or so, Miranda has thrown all of the magnets all over the kitchen floor just about every day!

It's no secret that Meredith does not like to have her hair fixed and most days her hair is in her face.  So, for her first school picture I convinced her to fix her hair by wearing her kitty ear headband.  It worked great and we got to see her eyes in her pictures! ;)

On that same picture day, Meredith decided to "ride" her stick horse while we took Mackenzie to school. 
Since then, she has taken the horse almost every time.  When she doesn't take it, the crossing guards ask where it is.  Sometimes, she wears a hat with it and this morning she even wore her princess dress with it! ;)

Speaking of her princess dress, Meredith had to wear her halloween costume to pick Mackenzie up from school on Halloween day.  One of the crossing guards asked her what her name was and she said, "When I wear this dress they call me Sofia." ;)  So after that, the guard had to ask her what "they" call her when she's not wearing the dress. ;)

There is not a story to go along with the next picture, but I'm posting it because it is my new favorite picture of Meredith!  I took about 5 pictures to finally get this great one.  (I had to push the shutter button as soon as she jumped.)

Mackenzie has always liked to color and draw, but since she started drawing a picture every day with her writing time at school, she is getting better.  Below is a unicorn and next to it is a picture of Doc McStuffins for Meredith. ;)

While playing outside around snack time, Mackenzie requested a "pan of stuff".  It took me a minute to realize she meant the muffin tin type snack.

We were listening to the song "Oh you can't get to Heaven..." and Mackenzie was really listening to the words when she heard "Oh you cant get to heaven on roller skates".  She immediately said "of course you can't!  Heaven is up high, how could you skate there?"

So that's all for now, but I'm sure there'll be more soon! ;)

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