Friday, November 7, 2014

Photography Challenge - Day 09

Another challenge day complete!  This one took a little more time and will be something I continue to work on to get better at it.  If you want to join me on the challenge, buy Courtney's book and learn some awesome photography tips/lessons.

Day 09 - White Balance

I re-learned how to use "grey cards" and also learned some new functions on my camera.  So all in all a great lesson!  Below are all my pictures including the grey card pictures I used when setting the white balance.

And here are the edits.  All the pictures below include my straight out of camera image (left or top) and my edited image (right or bottom).  I tried not to edit my photos too much unless I could tell the balance was off.  If it looks unedited between the photos, then obviously I achieved the skill for the challenge.  I used my Canon EFS 50mm lens to take all of the photos.  I'll list the details of each shot below if you are interested.

One of my first pictures.  Nope, not a good white balance.  Her skin (and everything else) is too yellow.
50mm   f/1.8    1/400ss    ISO-1600

In the same series as above, so again, a little off in balance.
50mm   f/1.8    1/400ss    ISO-1600

Great balance, just a little over exposed.  Still has a good skin tone, so I'll take it! ;)
50mm   f/1.8    1/125ss    ISO-1600

Same set as above photo, so good balance.  I edited the photo just a bit to lower the exposure.
50mm   f/1.8    1/125ss    ISO-1600

Not too bad.  I didn't really edit the photo, but it still looks a little yellow.  It's hard to use grey cards on moving subjects since the light on their face changes with every movement and angle they turn.
50mm   f/1.8    1/250ss    ISO-1600

She got tired of me taking pictures, especially when I would stick the card in front of her face. This is her throwing a fit.  ;)
50mm   f/1.8    1/250ss    ISO-1600

She loves the ipad. I adjusted the balance just a little.
50mm   f/3.5    1/100ss    ISO-1600

Just a little edit.
50mm   f/3.5    1/60ss    ISO-1600

Another good balance.
50mm   f/2.5    1/60ss    ISO-1600

I said she loves the ipad, right? ;)
50mm   f/2.5    1/80ss    ISO-1600

So after several different uses of the cards, I decided to see what my camera functions did when it comes to white balance.  I took a picture of her in the same spot using the different presets in the camera menu.

I ended up liking the 3200 Kelvin setting for this particular lighting.  I used it to take the below picture and it did a pretty decent job at balancing the skin tone. 
I'm still working on this challenge as I take pictures of our every days activities.  Sometimes I have to take two pictures of the same thing because I'm adjusting the white balance.  As with everything in manual mode, it will take time for it to become natural, but I think well worth it!

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