Friday, November 21, 2014

November continued...

I left off my last post on November 14 with 4 doctors visits for the girls and one BIG dentist appointment for me.  I had hoped it would get better, but as it turns out we were only in the middle. :/

Nov 15 - Brandon has a dr visit and diagnosed with strep. - Third person in our family to take amoxicillan.
Nov 16 - Miranda and Mackenzie wake up with fevers.  Earliest appointment we could get on Sunday at our pediatrician's after hours is 7:15pm. :/ This dr. visits 6 & 7.  Miranda has double ear infections - prescribed amoxicillan.  Mackenzie has nothing (not even a fever by the time we go in).  Send strep test off for culture, but other than that, the doctor sees nothing wrong.
Nov 18 - after going back to school and seeming like all is back to normal, the pediatrician calls to say that Mackenzie's culture came back as positive for strep.  She now completes our families' record for having all of us take amoxicillan at the same time! That's a fun record, huh? :/

We haven't had any big issues since and everyone seems to be doing much better.  Tomorrow we are supposed to have some bad weather, so here's hoping nothing breaks or has problems with the wind and possible hail.  I really don't want to add home issues to our list for November.

On a happier note, Miranda stayed with a friend for about an hour this week and didn't cry!  That's a BIG improvement and hopefully opens up the door for other activities. YAY!

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