Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014

I know we are only half way through November, but as far as I am concerned, I am done with this month.  So far, November hasn't been kind to our family...

Nov 1 - sleepless night for Miranda and subsequently me and Brandon
Nov 2 - Miranda has a fever and another sleepless night
Nov 3 - Miranda's fever comes back :(
Nov 4 - Dr. Visit #1 - Miranda's prognosis - head cold (no meds other than benedryl and tylenol)
Nov 6 - Call from school nurse - Mackenzie is sick.  Dr. Visit #2 - the dreaded virus.  Meds to help stop vomiting, but otherwise "wait it out".
Nov 7-8 - "quarantine" Mackenzie to guest bedroom to avoid spreading the virus.  I did not want throw up everywhere.
Nov 9 - Meredith has fever after church.  Dr. Visit #3 - nothing wrong other than basic drainage.  Mackenzie sleeps in her own bed after 3 nights of being sick, however Meredith wakes up choking from her drainage and throws up.  Back in the guest bedroom for me.
Nov 10-12 - Meredith's fever is off and on and both her and Miranda have yucky coughs and constantly runny noses.
Nov 13 - I make an appointment for me at a dentist because of a toothache.  Ended up having a root canal and two crowns (one is over the root canal).
Nov 14 - Meredith wakes up with ear ache.  Dr. Visit #4 - ear infection - started antibiotics.

So to sum up, four dr visits in 11 days plus major dental work for myself.  Luckily, Brandon was off all this week to offer some help with the dr visits and/or babysitting.  My laundry is stacking up and I feel like I'm constantly giving medicine.  And I guess the medicine will continue to happen with Meredith and myself on antibiotics. 

I sure hope the remaining 16 days are normal and without incident!  I would be thrilled if I didn't have to go to the pediatrician until Miranda's 15 month check up in December.  Again, I would be happy to end November now! ;)  But since that's not going to happen I guess I need to get the house in order and everyone well so that I can host Thanksgiving in 13 days!  Busy Busy!

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