Monday, October 13, 2014

Random phone photos

I downloaded some photos from my phone today and realized most had not been blogged about, so why not include them all in one big random blog post?!

This was from this weekend.  Meredith and Miranda were having fun playing together while Brandon and Mackenzie were building legos! 
We went shopping at the beginning of the school year and Meredith really wanted to go see this fountain.  She waited so patiently while we shopped in different stores until we could pass by the fountain again.  It was about to start raining, so she was a little bummed when I told her we couldn't stay very long.  At least she was happy in the picture! ;)
For Mackenzie's actual birthday we went to dinner and then picked up cupcakes.  She chose the cupcake with all the candy on top!
I guess Miranda didn't want any  more kisses! ;)
Mackenzie wrote her first set of thank you notes this year.  I had a post it note on each one with the name of the person(s) and the gift they bought.  I forgot to take pictures of her handwriting, but my sister-in-law sent me a text with the picture.  Below, the blanks say "Casey, V" and "geodes, books".  She did a stack of about 10 or 12 cards one afternoon while I was working in the kitchen. ;)
Meredith took a gymnastics class last week and then crashed after lunch.  She rarely naps anymore, so this unusual.  She didn't like gymnastics, so we won't be going back.  She said the teacher kept calling her "Amanda".  I asked her if she told her her name and she said yes, but apparently that bothered her.
We broke out the Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving books the other day.  We have quite the collection...38 books!
Meredith LOVES this Minnie Mouse dress my mom bought her.  She wore it twice last week and requested to wear it for picture day tomorrow.  Um no.  I probably should let her wear it to document her personality, but it's not clean, so we'll find something more appropriate for the fall themed picture. ;)
Mackenzie was sick one day a couple of weeks ago and had to stay home another day for the 24 hour fever free rule.  She requested to do school activities and picked out a Lego Kindergarten pack to do while I did school with Meredith.  I LOVE that!

Miranda yelled at me until she got to hold the bowl of mashed potatoes and feed herself!
Miranda's favorite breakfast - a smoothie!

 One morning, Meredith was on a mission to stomp all the mushrooms in our yard.  She stomped and stomped until they were a mushy mess.  Then we got to clean off the bottom of her shoes! ;)

Is that enough randomness?  That's our life - some what random it would seem. ;)

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