Thursday, October 9, 2014

Preschool with Meredith - Week 3

After spending several weeks on Creation and reviewing colors and numbers, we moved onto the alphabet!  We will be using Animal ABC's from 1+1+1=1 as our base materials and I will add other activities to our days.  We are also going through the bible, so this unit's lesson was about Adam and Eve.

After reading the bible story, Meredith colored a little story book.  And since her favorite color is purple, EVERYTHING was colored purple! ;)  Same with the next day's coloring sheet! 

Letter A:
Meredith had already studied the letter A at preschool, so our lesson was a review, but we still had a lot of fun.  Our very first day she wanted to do school in the tent that was set up in the playroom.  As I said earlier, we are using the Animal ABC activities from 1+1+1=1, so "A is for alligator"!
Cutting practice & lots of glue...
...and voila!  Our a matches our ABC cards!

She does really well with tracing and does more than I thought she would.  She is also a lot more particular than Mackenzie was and tries very hard to cover the dotted line entirely with marker.  PURPLE marker! ;)
Shapes tracing...
Number tracing and coloring alligators.  We took turns coloring because she didn't want to color all 10.

We used magnetic pom poms on the dot marker sheet and with out any prompting she traced the word.

For the lowercase letter, "a is for ant".
Painting is always fun, so I broke out the purple paint and she painted the q-tip page I printed on cardstock.  After doing pretty well painting only on the dots, she decided to color the entire sheet!

We also did other "letter A" activities such as tracing A's from Confessions of a Homeschooler and learning how to sign the letter A.  She wanted to show me how it looked with both hands!

Last summer I bought the Alpha Tales digital files, so we read the letter A book and she seemed to really like it.

Sorting upper and lower case letters was an activity Mackenzie really enjoyed and I almost forgot to do it with Meredith!  Luckily I didn't forget, so we sorted A's.  She thought some of them looked "silly" (the printed lowercase a), but was pretty proud of herself when she finished!

Gluing applejacks to the letter A was fun, but she required a bowl of applejacks as her snack after that activity!  Miranda had the same request only she cried until she got her way, rather than just using words. ;)

Apple Theme:
I hadn't really planned on adding another theme, but I found the cutest "Apple" dot marker printable pack from Gift of Curiosity.

We counted while we used our dot markers on the number sheets and said the /a/ sound every time she found an "A".
She thought the sheet on the left was confusing because she had to use green on uppercase letters, but some of the uppercase letters were in green apples and some in red apples.  Same with the red on lowercase a.  She figured it out, but she thought it was messed up. ;)  She did great on matching the shapes (right picture).
Patterning was fun.  Can you guess what color she used and what color I used? ;)  We used the magnetic pom poms for the counting activity sheet.  Not only was this sheet great for counting, it taught her how to slide her finger across to put the pom pom on the correct row.

Other miscellaneous apple activities were size order...
and a dice rolling puzzle.  She needed quite a bit of help with this one, but she was super happy when she "solved" the puzzle.

The miscellaneous activities are always so much fun and I would say for me only half of them are actually planned out.  The others are just something I saw in our playroom while she was tracing or cutting and pasting.  The shape puzzle below is an example of just finding something randomly.  I bought these last fall or winter and we haven't done much with them, so it was perfect for us.  They actually have six shapes, but I chose to use the first three shapes we've talked about (circles and ovals during units 1 & 2 and triangles in this unit.)


Speaking of triangles, she really likes to go on shape hunts through our house, so we looked for triangles and this is what she found.

The last one is more of trapezoid, but she's 3, so it's okay with me. ;)

Tracing triangles (sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler)...
Shape puzzles (also from Confessions of a Homeschooler)...

And finally, we worked on our gross motor skills and threw paint sponges into a box.  They are a little hard to throw because they aren't very heavy, but she still had fun.

And afterward, she decided she wanted to pose for the camera. ;) 

All of our activities...

We are going a little out of order with our alphabet (vowels first), so the next letter is E!

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