Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outside fun, but not really.

In early September, I decided it would be fun to go to a "mommy and me" thing at a nearby outdoor shopping center.  We drove there right after swim lessons and I wasn't really prepared for the heat so I only had one water cup for Miranda and no sunscreen.  September in southeast Texas is HOT!  I looked up the weather from that day and during the 30-45 minutes that we were there the temps were 80 to 84 degrees with 100% humidity and no wind.  The records show that the heat index in that time went from 89-103.  That was fun sitting out in the hot sun and humidity without any shade!  What was I thinking?

It wouldn't have been too bad if the event was actually fun and kept your mind off of the heat and humidity, but sadly the event was too boring.  First there were a ton of mommas and kids with barely any room to sit and very little shade.  The lady leading the songs was very hard to hear and the music wasn't loud enough either. :/  Meredith liked her little puppet she received and Miranda slept through the first 15 minutes.
Meredith and I tried to have fun by taking pictures.  We were back at that fountain she likes so she was a little excited.
Once Miranda woke up and drank all of her water we decided it wasn't worth the heat, so we packed up and headed to Whataburger for an early lunch.

I guess I'm just not a big fan of things like this indoor or outdoor.  It's a lot like story time at the library - too loud, can't hear and no one is paying attention.  It's just not our thing no matter how many times I try.  Lesson learned...again.

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