Sunday, October 5, 2014

No longer Dairy free!

I am officially eating dairy again AND so is Miranda! YAY!  Now that both of us can eat anything, we are! ;)  I've been eating dairy for about two weeks now and have fixed some of my dinner favorites that I haven't had in a year.  I've also had a bowl of cereal, pizza with cheese, chocolate, a milk shake and other candies and baked goods that I haven't had in forever!  So it goes without saying that in the last couple of weeks I've gained a couple of pounds. :(  Now that the excitement is over and everything is back to "normal", I need to work on evening out the good stuff. ;)

In the last year we have done well with eliminating a lot of processed foods.  We still buy chips and cereal, but we had stopped buying cereal bars, granola bars, poptarts and frozen breakfast.  Apparently, breakfast is an easy "processed food" type meal. :/  Anyways, I've fallen off track with that a little bit, so I need to get back to making our foods instead of buying them ready made.  Of course, it would also help if I did a little more menu planning and prep days.  When I worked, Sundays were the days I cooked for the week and made my lunches.  I don't neccessarily want to do that again, but Mondays could be that day.  A baking/cooking day for breakfasts, lunches and dinners would be good for us.

On a different note, Miranda is really enjoying eating all kinds of new foods.  Without limitations, I can feed her anything we are eating.  She loves rice and beans, mashed potatoes, black beans, fruits, vegetables, crackers and the gerber snacks.  That's one of my biggest back tracks with processed foods because she can finally eat all of those snacks and I'll admit they are super easy!  I'm not saying I'm never going to buy those snacks, I'm just going to buy less!  If she sees my walk by her with food or give food to her sisters, she "yells" at me until I giver her something. ;)  And, since Miranda is finally starting to get used to drinking cold cow's milk, the weaning has begun!  Yay for moving onto the next stage...toddler as opposed to nursing baby. ;)

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