Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eating is so much fun!

Miranda eats ALL THE TIME!  She "yells" at us until we give her the food we are eating or some other food.  I was feeding her mashed potatoes one time and she whined/cried until I gave her the bowl for her to feed herself!
Of course she makes a mess with all of her food, but I'd say mashed potatoes and refried beans are the worst to clean up!  Last night she ate Brandon's spaghetti and a tortilla - all after she had already had her dinner.  Let's hope this is just a growth spurt because I can hardly keep up!

I'm working on teaching her "eat" so that I don't have to hear her crying so much.  Although, I guess I'll just hear her say eat over and over like Meredith used to do.  It's got to be better than crying, right?

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