Saturday, September 13, 2014

Too funny

I haven't done a wrap up of the girls funny stories in a while, so here we go!

We saw someone on TV with a bunch of tattoos and Mackenzie said, "Wow, he needs a bath!"

Speaking of baths...Brandon and I were talking about the A&M football game last weekend and Brandon said it was going to be a blood bath.  Mackenzie looked at him with big eyes and said, "Blood bath?!"  We both started laughing and he said, "I mean that A&M is going to beat the snot out of the other team."  Blank stare from Mackenzie.  "A&M is going to win the game." ;)

During the summer the girls and I met our friends at a new local restaurant, Jimmy Changas and ate outside.  The other day as Meredith and I were walking by a restaurant with outdoor seating, she asked me if it was "Jimmy ChangOs".  I guess every outside seating will forever be the same restaurant. ;)

Meredith has FOUR loveys that she sleeps with...a blanket, a small blanket (actual lovey), a stuffed Horton the elephant and a small stuffed kitty.  Brandon was playing with her last weekend and took the little kitty away.  She grabbed the kitty back and said, "You can play with the loveys that don't have eyes!"

Meredith ended up having a fever on her birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I took her to the clinic that evening.  The doctor asked her how her ears felt and she said, "Floppy."  Yep, earlobes are pretty floppy. ;)

And lastly, I leave you with this picture.  Meredith received a new bicycle helmet for her birthday and insisted on wearing it to the grocery store the next morning.  We got quite a few looks but I guess everyone was being cautious, because NO ONE said anything, as if she was required to wear this helmet!
What you can't see is the mane...

Until next time....

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