Monday, September 8, 2014

Responsibility = brown

I guess Mackenzie's school has a word of the month thing and September's month was "responsibility".  To promote this idea, the kindergarteners were supposed to wear a brown shirt on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  You know, because a brown short sleeve shirt is so easy to find in August in southeast Texas!  Had they chosen this word/color for November it would have been easy peasy, but no, its for September.  I found out about it on Wednesday and ordered a plain brown shirt that night on Amazon for a two day "guaranteed" delivery.  Nothing showed up on Saturday like it was supposed to and since mail wasn't going to run on Monday, Brandon and I had to shop for another one.  We didn't want her to miss out on the first kindergarten "thing", so we looked on every store website we could think of trying to find a brown t-shirt for a little girl.  We found two at Bass Pro online.  One we immediately said no to and the other we decided was better than nothing.  We loaded up the girls and took a trip to the store where we searched hi and lo for the acceptable shirt.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find it and so we bought the back up, the one we originally said no way too.  Apparently, THAT shirt is actually better than nothing. ;)
In general, we are not fans of shirts with writing on them and then we are also not fans of "princess" and the like type sayings.  So to have a shirt that says she's going to be a model was a bit much for us, but again we felt like it was better than not having a brown shirt.  To be honest, I have no idea how many kids actually had brown shirts, but oh well, we followed through!

The shirt from amazon showed up on Tuesday afternoon before I picked her up from school. Boo!  But,we are keeping it for when Meredith goes to kindergarten!

October's month is Creativity = Tie Dyed!  Now off to buy another shirt! ;)

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