Sunday, September 28, 2014

Preschool with Meredith - Week 2

For week 2 of preschool we completed our study on the story of Creation.  We looked at days 4 through 7, numbers 4-7, the colors purple, orange, pink, red and the shape of an oval.

We did our typical everyday binder which include saying the US & Texas pledges, Months of the year and days of the week songs, saying the books of the Bible, singing the ABC's and singing songs about Creation.  After the beginning activities, we moved into our story and crafts.

Bible: Creation
Day 4 - God made Sun, Moon and stars.  She didn't want to draw the lines around the sun, but she was sure to correct me when I didn't draw enough.  She glued the sun and moon down and filled the page with stars!

Day 5 - God created animals of the sky and sea.  We did lots of stickers for this one.  I had her look at a sticker sheet and only pick the ones that were fish or birds.  She was a little upset that she couldn't use the lion or giraffe, but I told her we would be using them on day 6 and seemed to pacify her. ;)
A sorting game from Hubbard's Cupboard.  This the same website I downloaded the Creation pages.
I pulled out a foam butterfly thinking she could draw on it, but instead she colored the ENTIRE foam sheet with her purple marker.  I guess I should have just given her a purple butterfly! ;)
She also glued feathers to her bird cut out.  Mackenzie loved this activity too, when we did it 2 years ago.
We also put the days in order (up to day 5).

Day 6 - God made animals and man.  We taped a piece of foil to our page (to look at our self) and then put animal stickers around it.

Day 7 - God rested.  God was pleased with His creation and rested, so we glued hearts to our page to show His love for us.  On a side note, Mackenzie saw the day 7 circle card we used earlier which has z's across it and immediately said, "God does NOT sleep!"  Good catch Mackenzie!  I guess I need to make a replacement card for that one since it's wrong. ;)

Our focus was on numbers 4-7, but we did review numbers 1-10.  We traced all of the numbers using the sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We also attempted to make numbers using our math links, but Meredith was only interested in creating the number 1! :/
We also played with our clock by putting the numbers in order first and then solving the puzzle.

Coloring.  She didn't really want to color with orange and surprise surprise she loved the purple sheet!

We had a lot of fun with pom poms!  Who knew they could be used for so many things!  First we sorted colors...
After finding all of the purples, we lined them up from biggest to smallest.  AND we counted all of the small ones to work on our one-to-one correspondence.
After counting we worked on patterns.  She did really well and I was totally impressed!
Finally, she decided we just needed to play.  I think she fixed me some sort of "meal" with them! ;)
Our other random activities were coloring in our water book - animals (day 6) and tracing the oval (also from Confessions of a Homeschooler.)  I traced the big oval, but she did the smaller one and the word.  She really takes her time because she doesn't want any white to show between the black dashes. She's much more particular than Mackenzie was, which I wasn't expecting, but that's great!

At the end of the two (or three) weeks this is what our bulletin board looked like.  There are quite a few sheets stacked on top of each other and day 7 is missing!  Lots of fun stuff!

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