Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Preschool with Meredith - Week 1

The day Mackenzie started Kindergarten, Meredith and I had our first official day of home preschool.  I have been VERY lax in our learning activities this past year and I knew I needed to do more with Meredith!  Miranda was napping, so we got right to work!  I'm doing a modified version of what I did with Mackenzie a couple of years ago.  We'll do the bible lessons we did, but I'll be changing the alphabet activities.

She really has a lot of fun and just like Mackenzie, loves to "do school."  I enjoy having that one on one time with her and I think she does too.  I think it helps keep our minds off missing Mackenzie all day. ;)

We started with the story of Creation which gives us a chance to focus on numbers and colors.  She has her colors down, so the numbers and of course the Bible story were our real focus.  She was super excited to have a daily notebook like Mackenzie.  We started with the pledges to the US and Texas flags.  After a couple of weeks now, she is starting to point out the flags when she sees them around town.  I LOVE that!  Next in the notebook is the months of the year and days of the week songs.  By the end of the first day she was almost getting all of the days in the right order.  Practice, practice, practice! ;)  Then books of the Bible, ABC's and then weather and date.  She really likes using the marker to circle the date and weather.  I am not making her trace/write anything because she's just not ready for that yet.   

Bible: Creation Story
Day 1 - God made light.  Simple craft using the printables from Hubbard's Cupboard.  She LOVED gluing it down!
Another activity from Hubbard's Cupboard - sorting day and night pictures.  As you can see we are very laid back - eating Arby's while doing school! ;)

Day 2 - God made sky and seas.  Again, LOVES glue!

Day 3 - God made flowers, plants and trees.  She cut the strips for the grass and helped crinkle the tissue paper.  She's not too familiar with scissors, so that was interesting but that's why we are doing this!

Each day we focused on a number to correspond with that day's story.  She likes tracing the numbers using Confessions of a Homeschooler's printables that I laminated.
She made the circles on the threes as part of the practice, but asked for me to help her when tracing the actual 3's.
I bought this button puzzle activity a few months ago at the resale shop and it was perfect for working on number recognition.  I was very impressed with her recognition considering we hadn't really talked about numbers other than basic counting out loud. 

The colors were similar to the numbers in that we talked about a certain color depending on the day of creation.  I accidentally went out of order and we colored the yellow sheet on day one, but that's ok.  We also went on "color hunts" around the house to find different things from the particular color we were studying.

Arts & Crafts:
For Day 1 - Day and night, we did a black and white collage.
We stamped flowers for day 3's craft.  She wasn't too excited about it.  I have since bought some ink that is better for the girls to use rather than my scrapbooking ink that doesn't wash off! ;)
Another fun activity was pulling out all of my old art supplies and seeing what they looked like on our paper (blue for day 2).  Chalk pastels, chalk, oil pastels.  I couldn't tell you what she drew, but she had fun scribbling around so I call it a success.

We did a lot of Day 3 crafts because flowers are easy!  She made a very "sparkly" flower!
"See Momma, it's sparkly in the sun!"
And I found these mosaic sticker things that we received last summer as a gift.  She did a few more stickers than what is shown in the picture on the left before she was "tired of this".  I did the rest, but she took credit in the picture on the right! ;)

She didn't really want to actually string the beads, so we laid our patterns on the floor.  And of course, you can't work with these bead without trying to stack them too.  We learned that we can stack much higher if we work on the wood floor rather than the carpet.
Playing with the counting bears was also fun.  We are still learning one to one correspondence, but are getting better.  I was pleasantly surprised with her pattern knowledge.  Now if I start to layout something in ABAB or the like, she says "Oh, you are making a pattern?"
I don't think I had ever played Spot it with Meredith, so we had a little fun with that.  She liked it for a few minutes but then was ready to move on. I guess not everything can be as fun as gluing paper! ;)
Picking up bugs was her requested activity.  She set the rules for us and as long as she was working on her gripping motor skills, I went along with it.
Tracing circles from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  As a side note, I don't think she needs glasses, she wants to make sure she doesn't get off the dotted line, so she stares at it and traces really, really slowly!
And last of all, stringing beads to a pipe cleaner.  Fine motor skills at their best!

We've taken our time with this and since she goes to preschool twice a week, we don't have our preschool every day, so it's taken a few weeks to finish this unit.  We finished all 7 days of Creation yesterday, so I'll post days 4-7 later this week or next.

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