Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Little Pony Party

To celebrate Mackenzie turning 6, we had a My Little Pony birthday party.  I let her invite 5 friends to complete the 6 main ponies - Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity.  I tried to keep the party to a minimum as far as decoration and food, but it still turned out cute.
I made and printed the banner a couple of weeks ago, but then kept procrastinating on putting it all together.  In the end, I was cutting and making the banner 1 hour before the party started!  Silly me!  Luckily we had plenty of ponies to help with the decorations!  I made the pile of them the day before and brushed all of their ratty hair so they would be presentable! ;) 
I love this year's sign in book.  It's a book all about the ponies and the TV show.  I especially liked that this year all of her friends actually signed the book, not just the parents!

I kept the food simple - cake and fruit!  I thought a smaller table would be perfect for the girls and that way they could help themselves completely!
I tried something new this year - cake push pops!  They were a little time consuming since I had to use a cookie cutter to make a bunch of circles, but in general they were easy.

Next time I'll use a little more icing between them, but these were perfect because each bite/layer had some icing.  So delicious and easy clean up! ;)
Each girl picked her place at the table and it included a mask for one of the main six ponies as well as their goody bag which had My Little Pony goodies and some items for only that particular pony.  I bought a lot of the stuff at Michaels on MY birthday back in February, so most of my work was done!  I made the "tags" on the bag using a digital image package from Etsy (I use the same shop for the Doc McStuffins images at the little girls' party) and photoshop elements.  I'm getting the hand of how to make these things and really like being able to do it this way.  Last year I used the Cricut a lot, but this year was Photoshop.  Who knows what I'll use next year! ;)

Also at each seat was a plain white pony for the girls to color how ever they wanted.

Mackenzie, Meredith and I had tested out three of the ponies a couple weeks prior to the party, so I knew what we needed for the actual party...sharpies and shirts to protect our clothes! ;)  We didn't use either of these when we first did them and I regret that!

After they colored their ponies, we played Pinkie Pie's balloon pop game.  Each balloon was filled with a ring and a piece of candy!
The game went a little longer than I thought it would because Target makes some super tough balloons! ;)
Nope, three girls can't pop it!
Nope, two girls lying on it can't pop it!
In the end, Brandon helped each girl pop their balloon by clawing at it and basically ripping it apart!  It all made for some funny moments and everyone had fun!

One of our friends had to leave early and one of our friends was showing up late, so we stopped with the activities and had cake and fruit!

The Birthday girl!
These two small candles were perfect for the cake push pop!  There's no way the typical number candle would have worked, so I'm glad I bought these a month or so ago!

Miranda remembered how much she likes icing too!

After cake, we played "Pin the Cutie Mark on Twilight."  I traced Twilight onto paper and then taped it to a foam board.  Apparently they make duct tape that smells like grapes!  I didn't realize I had bought such special duct tape until I got home.  So, the board looked pretty and smelled delicious! ;)
I found this cute little mask in the Target dollar bins and Mackenzie was pretty excited to use it!
There were cutie marks EVERYWHERE!

Meredith was last and peeked right as she walked up to the board, so she was able to put the cutie mark right where it should go! ;)

Next up Pinata time!  Pinatas were new for us this year.  Both girls requested them this year, so we obliged, but again we did the pull string way rather than swinging a stick!

Candy! Candy! Candy!  I may or may not have eaten one piece of each kind while I was filling the pinata! ;)  After being dairy free for a year, that candy tasted sooooooo goooooood!

So the birthday season is now behind us and surprisingly we don't have any plans for next year...yet! ;) Now onto Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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