Friday, September 19, 2014

Having fun while Big Sister is away!

One day last week, Meredith, Miranda and I killed some time before picking up big sister by playing in Meredith's bed!
Occasionally we get smiles out of Miranda.  She's very serious sometimes.
Trying to crawl on a bed is hard for a little one, especially when you aren't quite crawling with your belly off the floor/bed!
We have more than enough stuffed animals, so that was our toy of choice.

Peek-a-boo is also a must when playing with toys and blankets!

I see you!
Everyone loves Minnie Mouse!  I guess it was a little too close for her because she looks a little cross eyed!  Oops!
After all of that fun, Meredith decided that ALL of our stuffed animals needed to be on the bed with us!
More precisely, they need to be on Miranda!
Miranda said, "No way!" and tried to get away...
but it didn't quite work and she wound up with a blanket on her head...AGAIN! ;)
Before we had to leave I insisted on one picture of them together.  Do you think we need more pink in our lives?! ;)

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