Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Today is the 7th day of school and I'm finally blogging about first day of Kindergarten!  Mackenzie has been super excited about Kindergarten all summer!  She loved getting to go into the school two weeks before for her "Kinder assessment".  And was even more excited about meet the teacher on the Thursday before school started.  Unfortunately for her, it was truly just a "meet the teacher" and nothing else.  She was very disappointed that they didn't "do anything" and had to wait 3 more days for school to start! ;)

When I asked her what she was going to wear for her first day of school, she immediately said her school shirt that I bought her and she picked up at Meet the Teacher.  I was expecting her to wear one of her new outfits, but she was all about school spirit!  Yay for her.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the "first day of school outfits" are in the coming years. ;)


Brandon's mom was in town to watch the little girls so that Brandon and I could take Mackenzie to school by ourselves.  She also volunteered to take pictures of us before we left!  Brandon was saying some silly things and apparently Mackenzie thought it was funny.  That or she couldn't believe he was actually saying it! ;)

However, Meredith decided she needed her picture taken as well.

We got there pretty early because we were a little concerned with parking and lines since Meet the Teacher was CRAZY!  Anyways, while we were waiting Mackenzie looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm scared."  That was the first time she had said anything like that about Kindergarten, so I was a little thrown and of course I cried too.  I quickly pulled out my phone so that we could look at pictures and distract ourselves.  Once the bell rang we went to her classroom and she was finally able to "do" something!  We also took her picture with her teacher.
And then the tears started again.  We stayed a few minutes longer, but I had to get Brandon to take over so that I could stop crying in front of her. :(  A friend of mine whose daughter is in the connecting class said that she looked in on Mackenzie later and she was just fine.  Then, 7 1/2 hours later I picked her up and she was all smiles!

She likes school, but it was a little rough at drop off last week every morning.  On the second day I walked her in with Meredith and Miranda in tow.  There were tears (from both of us), but I walked out quickly and I know she got better shortly after.  On days 3 and 4, we did the drop off line and that was just too much for us.  First of all, we have to get there early and sit in car waiting to go drop off.  That just offered more time for Mackenzie to think about being gone all day.  Secondly, you have to be super quick because there are hundreds of kids trying to be dropped off in a twenty minute time frame.  And finally, shes FIVE and I'm supposed to let her walk down a sidewalk by herself to the main door into the school.  Sorry, that just wasn't working for us.  On Friday, I parked at the school and walked her to the main door and we only had a few tears.  She later told me that she only cried for "just a little bit", but was fine once she got in her room.  So, this week we started our new routine, parking at the school parking lot and walking her to the front door.  We get to leave about 10 minutes later and she can hold my hand while we walk to the main door and get a hug before she goes into the school.  She didn't cry yesterday or today, so we are sticking with that.  I told her on rainy days we'll be doing drop off because I'm not walking with her and the little ones in the rain, but we'll deal with that when the time comes. ;)

Pick up is starting to become a hassle too, but I'm going to give it another week or so before I contemplate doing the same type of thing we do in the morning.  Meredith and I don't mind waiting in the car because we have books or ipads, but Miranda is hit or miss with being happy.  Sometimes she naps, but if she doesn't nap than she's not too happy about sitting in a carseat when the car is not moving. :/  I think it's a matter of working her naps so that she is sleepy at drop off time, but as you might know, babies aren't always predictable and don't seem to care what you had planned! ;)

So, school is underway and our new schedule is becoming more normal.  I'm sure we will have many more school adventures this year!

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