Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Doc Is In!

A long time ago, Meredith requested a Doc McStuffins birthday party.  I ignored the request at first because I didn't want Miranda's first birthday to be a character theme, but Meredith was persistent!  Last weekend, Meredith and Miranda celebrated their 3rd and 1st birthdays, Doc McStuffins' style.

I bought some clip art and background images from etsy, glitter paper from Michaels and had the remaining supplies at home to make the invitations.  This party was definitely "inspired" through pins from pinterest!
Meredith is currently "scared" of boys, so we didn't invite any boy who was not family. ;)  Sorry to all of our friends with little boys, but since it's her party, I went with no little boys!  Instead, including our 3 girls, there were 12 little girls 5 and under.  Mackenzie had a friend her age (sister of Meredith's friend) and when Lyla arrived, Mackenzie ran to her, grabbed her hand and they walked off saying, "There are a lot of 3 year olds here."  So cute!

Anyways, back to the party.  I did our typical sign in table with the photo frame for Miranda (all three girls have one) and a book for Meredith.

The goody bags were fairly easy to make, thanks to glitter paper.  Theses were also the bags used for the pinata.
I tried something from Pinterest for the backdrop.  It's 3 plastic table cloths braided together.  Don't be surprised if you see this exact backdrop again in a few weeks for a my little pony party.  I lucked out and they have the same color scheme! ;)
Desserts are so easy to go overboard on.  That's what is so fun to make and I always end up with so many sweets besides the actual birthday cake.

The digital images from etsy and a little photoshop and the fun food labels were made.
These were a favorite with absolutely none left over!
The "bandaids" were Meredith's favorite.

I decided to add a little healthy food with the carrots.  Although if I could have dairy I would have only eaten the cheese puffs.
Miranda loved the applesauce pouches!
I bought a special birthday girl shirt for Meredith and then she wore her "doctor's jacket" the whole time, so you couldn't even see it.

Miss Teresa was lucky enough to be one of Meredith's patients.
And Papa always finds a baby that needs his attention! ;)

Meredith specifically asked for a pinata and picked this one out at the store.  We decided to use the pull strings rather than give 3 year olds a bat.  
Brandon had to finally pull it open all the way and dump out all the goodies.

I baked the cakes again this year because I needed to control the dairy free aspect and also it's fun, not to mention cheaper.  We tested out the cake recipe a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn't a complete surprise for Meredith, since I had already made and iced one just like this. ;)
Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the inside of the cake, but it was three layers of different shades of purple, Meredith's favorite color!
There is a small cake under all of that icing!  I was trying a new technique and it used a lot of icing.  Miranda didn't seem to mind! ;)

She loved her cake!
We actually had to light the candle twice because she blew it out the first time before we could sing Happy Birthday.

Miranda didn't really know what to think, but unlike Mackenzie's first birthday she didn't get scared or shy with everyone singing.
And she liked her cake!

Mackenzie and Meredith even helped her!

So, one party down, one more to go!  Mackenzie turns 6 in less than 3 weeks!

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