Monday, August 4, 2014

Taking 11 month pictures

Yesterday I posted Miranda's 11 month pictures, but this post is about the pictures that didn't make the cut for the monthly photos!  It's always eventful to take the pictures from about 5 or 6 months and on.  I used to be worried that Miranda would lean forward and fall off the chair, but this month I was worried she would crawl or push herself off the chair.  I ended up going back and forth between taking her picture and running to the chair to make sure she sat back up or fix her sitting position again.  I took 30 pictures and the two I posted yesterday are the best and even they aren't necessarily great.   Here's a peek at what it's like to take her pictures!


It's a fine line between her being happy in the pictures or being upset when I correct her sitting position.  I take what I can get and in the end it's documenting what she's like at this age which is perfect!

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