Friday, August 8, 2014

Swimming at Moshi & Gapa's

 Last weekend we went swimming at my parents' pool.  When we first got there, we thought it might rain, so the girls were content with just putting their feet in.  This is one of my new favorite pictures!
But then, after lunch it was fairly sunny so they went swimming.  Silly me - I forgot to bring my swimsuit, so the big girls swam with my parents.  Really, it was quite nice since it gave me the opportunity to take pictures!  I realized I had forgotten my swimsuit when we were about half way there and when I told the girls I wouldn't be able to swim, Meredith recommended I swim naked.  Um, no.  ;)  I told her that was not happening, but then she asked if she could swim naked.  I told her she could swim naked, but she I would have to put sunscreen on her little white booty.  She changed her mind - thank goodness! ;)

All smiles!

Meredith was a little fish and LOVED swimming and jumping in the pool!

Miranda was a bit tired so she was content on a towel for a little while,
but then...
Gapa kept squirting Meredith before she jumped and would cause her make some pretty funny faces.
But then, they were on the same team and aimed the squirt gun at Moshi and Mackenzie!
Jump! Jump!

Here are some videos of her swimming and jumping!  She's really getting the hang of it. (Please ignore my loud voice and laugh!) ;)

The girls were a little bummed we had to leave to go home, but I told them Moshi and Gapa's pool never closes, so we'll be back even if school starts in a few weeks!

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