Monday, August 18, 2014

Swimming and Water Balloons!

A couple of weeks ago, I filled up the little inflatable pool again for the girls.  I also pulled out the water balloons since they had never played with them  before.  At first, I couldn't fill them up because Miranda was being a little needy and insisted on me holding her, so they "filled them up". ;)

Once Miranda went down for a nap, I had some time to fill up 20 or so water balloons to throw.

They really had fun and threw them at the grass, trees and the playset.  Not at each other, which is just fine since I wasn't really wanting to deal with crying children because water got in their eyes, hair or their skin!  Oh the drama  that can happen with a 2 year old and 5 year old! ;)  So, we were all content with breaking the balloons on the ground.

Meredith loved playing with the water hose and apparently found it fascinating.
That is until she saw a bug "or something". (her favorite phrase right now)
I LOVE that I captured that on my camera.  It shows how she really responds to EVERY THING that doesn't go her way - screaming and freaking out.  The very reason we didn't throw balloons at each other! ;)

Before her crankiness and nap, Miranda was content to chill in her exersaucer for a little bit.

The water was a little cold!

"Why do you keep taking pictures when it's just soooo hot and humid and I'm super tired?"

Fun in the pool!

I LOVE getting action shots of the girls.  They loved jumping and swimming in this little pool.  It was especially a great size for Meredith!

They went back and forth over and over and over and over! ;)

Another great summer activity and we didn't even have to leave the house! ;)

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