Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Recap: Week 9

One night we had an especially hard night, so we took a group nap so that all would be happy for VBS that night.  By "we" I mean Miranda didn't sleep well therefore I didn't sleep well.  As I recall it was one of our worst nights and included being awake from about 1:30-5:30am followed by 1 hour "nap" before the big girls woke up at 6:30.  Needless to say, that afternoon, Miranda and I had no issues sleeping 2 hours!

Meredith joined the nap too, but Mackenzie just hung out playing on the ipad.  Later she told me ine of her six year molars was coming in and she had seen it while looking in the mirror with the flashlight.  There's no telling what all she did while I was napping. ;)  This is a rare occurrence (me napping) and it wasn't solid sleep because about every 20-30 minutes Mackenzie would ask me if I was about to wake up. :/

We needed our sleep because we attended VBS at another church Sunday-Wednesday night.  The big girls loved it and even Miranda enjoyed the singing.

On the last night, the kids could have their pictures taken with the actors in the play and Mackenzie was very excited about this. ;)  Pics with David and Jonathon.
And one of David's sheep (that sings)! ;)
By this 4th night at 9:00pm, Miranda was not too pleased to be left in someone else's arms while I too pictures!  My dear friend decided a selfie was the best thing to do!  It also proved that she finally got to hold her! Ha! ;)

When we came home after the first night of VBS, the power was out because of a storm so we didn't make the girls go to bed because it was hot and they wouldn't have their nightlights.  Thank goodness for cell phones and ipads.  We were able to determine that the power would return at 10:30pm and all of us had games to play while we waited.  Mackenzie gets nervous when the power goes out, plus since it was past her bed time she was getting tired.  At 10, after being home without power for 1 1/2 hours, she asked, "Are we ever going to get to sleep?  Is it already almost morning time?" ;)  About 5 minutes before the power came back on, she fell asleep in the chair.

One evening we went to Academy anf Meredith found this bicycle helmet that she loved!

On Saturday we took the girls bowling for their first time!
Lemonade at 10 in the morning? Yes, please!
After a round of all of us playing, we let Mackenzie and Meredith play.  We used heavier bowling balls and their scores improved tremendously.

This was a very fun week with lots of fun outings and other activities that I didn't document. Fun fun summer!

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