Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Recap: Week 13

Yep, school has already started, but I'm determined to document the last two week of our summer!

Miranda really likes bible class.  Especially since I stay in class with her! ;)  Eventually, I might have to do a "tough love" morning, but since I'm teaching this next quarter, I guess we'll deal with that in December! ;)

We watched one of our friends from church a couple of days during this week and on the second day she was here we painted outside...with our feet and hands! ;)

Meredith thoroughly enjoyed painting herself!

They are in bathing suits because the easiest way to clean up outside paint is to hose them down and let them swim in the baby pool!  Miranda just hung out while we painted.  The morning before we also spent some time outside (blue striped pajamas).
On Saturday, we let the girls play on the playset with the sprinklers on.  They thought it was pretty fun and the big slide went super fast with water on it!

oh, and Miranda learned to drink from a straw.  She LOVES our morning smoothies.

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