Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Recap: Week 12

Apparently during the twelfth week of summer, I didn't take too many photos.  I've been pretty sporatic with my picture taking this summer anyway, especially with my good camera.  Since I usually have a baby on my hip, I've been using my camera phone a lot more.  I can't seem to take very good photos on my phone which is most likely operator error, but it's all I can do when we are out and about.

One of the "exciting" things we did was go to the dentist! ;)  I told the big girls that the dentist had new rules that didn't allow mommas to go back with the girls when they were having their teeth cleaned.  This is not true, but I wanted to see if they would do better without me as most kids seem to do.  And you know what?  They were excellent!  I didn't hear a single cry or scream (Meredith)!  Meredith even let them do x-rays!  The last visit 6 months ago involved crying from both girls (only a little for Mackenzie) and absolutely no x-rays from Meredith.  I know the girls are 6 months older now, but with how Meredith acts sometimes I knew the visit could be bad if I went back there.  So while Miranda and I hung out in the waiting room...

the big girls were being big girls and came out with big smiles and good reports!  We are definitely going to do that again!

We played in the pool and with water balloons!

We also met some old friends at the pool to swim.  Mackenzie has really come a long way since 2 summers ago or even last summer.  This year she has played with new friends very easily and hasn't been shy.  She hadn't seen our friend in about 18 months and they played great and swam all around the pool.  I also enjoyed catching up with my friend who is about to have her third girl too!

And on Saturday, Brandon took the girls to our neighborhood's "Lego Club" which is just a place for kids to come play with legos for an hour.  After going there for the last 30 minutes, they went to the store and bought a set of legos and played some more at the house.

So, not a spectacular week, but still fun!

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