Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Recap: Week 8

Summer is moving super fast but we are still having a blast. And apparently we are also rhyming! :)

The girls love apples (and most fresh fruit) but this summer they learned to eat apples without having them cut!  They waste a little more because they each want their own apple, but they can't eat them all.  Mackenzie only eats the first "layer" - basically the skin and then Brandon or I finish it off.  I had to tell Meredith to turn the apple because she kept eating to the core and would say, "my apple is a different color" because she was seeing a hole in the core and a seed inside. ;)
Miranda had an eye infection and had to be given eye drops 3 times a day for a week.  Luckily it was only one drop each time, so it wasn't too difficult.  She didn't like it, but who does?

The biggest highlight was Mackenzie's friend Ella coming over for another sleep over.  She moved to Malaysia with her family back in February and the girls hadn't seen each other since, so they were super excited to play together and have a sleep over.  They colored...
Ate cupcakes (after cheese pizza)...
Actually, they all ate only the icing - which is why they have spoons.  Miranda also had some icing and thought it was pretty yummy!
You can tell she's our third child because she had cupcake and icing two months before her first birthday! ;) The next morning, they played on the swing set and had smoothies for breakfast.  They all thought it was pretty cool to have breakfast outside. ;)

We said goodbye to Ella later that morning and are already looking forward to her visit next summer!

The girls received some cute new clothes and sun glasses!

We also had some fun at the neighborhood pool!

At some point in the week it was cow appreciation day, so we participated by eating Chick-fil-a.  However, for dinner I appreciated cows again by having a hamburger!  It was yummy!

The girls discovered sleeping bags again.  I took the picture at 7:30 am.  They didn't sleep in them, it's just the first thing they "played with" that day. ;)

And last of all, I bought a 12 pack of purple markers for Meredith.  Purple is her favorite color, so she uses up all the ink in the purples we have.  She was so excited about this box!
She insisted on having the entire box at the table while she colored like there were all different colors in it.  Silly girl!
Week 8 is gone and done and we are already halfway finished with week 11!  Where has the time gone?!

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