Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 7

Week 7 was FUN and busy!  Actually, only one day were we really busy - but that was a good busy!

We finally drew a stick out of our summer bucket list jar and the task was to eat breakfast at a donut shop.  I took the girls the morning of our swim playdate.

Our playdate was at a friend's neighborhood pool and the girls had a blast!  Several of Mackenzie's school were also there, so she really enjoyed playing and swimming with them.  The group ordered pizza and had a good time visiting with each other!

Meredith LOVES "diving" for rings!
I had to hand Miranda off to another mom while I took this video and as usual she cried the entire time.  The mom of 5 was surprised that even jingling keys didn't work for her!  However, me holding her again instantly made her stop crying.  Surprise, surprise. :/

After we got home and the little ones were napping, Mackenzie and I completed another bucket list stick - playing board games!  She beat me 3 out of 4 games!
We also worked on a word building "game".  She's not really ready for this kind of thing, but she enjoyed finding the letters and having me help her spell them.
Meredith also wanted to join in, except all she ever wants to do is put the cherries in their holes, not actually play.
Miranda finally ventured out of the area I put her down in.  Of course, now she tries to follow us where ever we are, but on that day it was a new thing.  A couple of days ago she actually crawled under the table and through the chairs to get to the playroom rather than around.

We had some friends over to play on our playset one morning.
It was super hot!!!
Thankfully Miss Teresa knows how to calm us down and cool us off - with a "bear hunt"! ;)

Later that night (the night before the fourth of July), we went to Bass Pro Shop to get some fishing supplies.  The girls enjoyed looking at the big fish tank.

As I posted earlier, we spent the fourth of July at Granny and Papa's.  These pictures were on my phone, so I forgot to add them in that post.  The girls love all of Granny's snacks and treats...
Another great week!  I'm going to miss these girls when school starts next month!

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