Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 4

Our summer is staying pretty busy.  Of course most of our activities happen in the morning so our afternoons are restful.  This includes naps for the younger two, which in turn means a little bit of quiet. ;)

Brandon and I celebrated 13 years of marriage during this week (June 9).  We didn't do anything fancy or by ourselves, but still had a great day.  Brandon had taken the whole week off to build the playset, so all 5 of us went to the big girls' swim lessons, followed by a stop at the video game store to buy some new games.  Then we all went out to lunch and made it home before the afternoon thunderstorms.  We spent the rest of the day bowling, playing tennis and golfing...on the wii.  ;). As it turns out, Mackenzie is a pretty good video game bowler! Ha!  13 years brought us 3 little girls, so why not spend it with them doing things we all like to do?

The next day the girls and I met our play group at an indoor jump house.  Meredith struggled with it in the beginning because she was too scared to jump in the big houses with Mackenzie and Mackenzie was too old to jump in the toddler houses.  I forget sometimes that Meredith is only 2 and some of her coordination has still not developed yet, so some of the bigger climbing/slide jumpers were too much for her.  Eventually she figured everything out and had fun.

Every time Mackenzie went down the big slide she would scream and then get mad at me when I laughed.  Silly girl!

Granny and Papa came to visit us one day and we all had lunch together.  The girls love visitors, especially Granny & Papa! ;). We also celebrated National peanut butter cookie day.

I had big plans to bake the cookies myself, but for whatever reason, that day got away from me and in the end they ate store bought cookies that I happened to have in the pantry.  Whatever...we celebrated! ;)

We also went swimming and Miranda fell asleep on my shoulder while we were in the pool!  When I took her out to change her, she didn't even stir!  She was so sleepy she slept on the lawn chair for at least 30 minutes!
And on the last day of this week, we visited my parents house!  Fun, fun!

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