Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 3

Our third week of summer was a little busier than the week 2 with even more fun to be had.  I did forget to include our celebration of National Grape Popsicle day during week 2.  Even Miranda helped celebrate! ;)

My first trip to the neighborhood pool with all three girls went pretty well.  The pool opens at nine which is about Miranda's nap time.  She fell asleep in between getting out of the car and walking to the pool and slept for a full hour in her car seat by our table.  This allowed me time with Mackenzie and Meredith where they could have my undivided attention.  Another great thing about that morning was that we met some new friends (we had met once before) and the 4 girls played really well together.  Plus, the mom took pictures of our first swim once Miranda came into the pool.

Meredith loves the water just like she did last year.  She loves to "dive" for rings and insists that I hold her hand while I do it (even though the water is only waist high when she goes under water.  Silly girl!  She loved playing with the fountains!

Miranda likes to sit in the water or be held.  She does not like her pool float or to be splashed! ;)

During this particular week we had our church play group over to play one morning.  We had 8 moms and 16 kids (5 and under).  All the kids played well together and of course, us mommas were able to visit and have adult conversations!  No pictures, but we did have fun. ;)

We played in our new kiddie pool and celebrated National doughnut day when we had to work on VBS decorations at the church building.

Overall, another great week.  I've yet to use my "bucket list" jar, but we are staying busy enough without them.
I think we'll actually try to do some this week - 6 or 7 weeks into summer! ha!

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