Sunday, July 6, 2014

"I want to take a picture!"

Mackenzie occasionally asks to take pictures with my camera.  A lot of times I say no (it's just too expensive), but sometimes I say yes. This past week was a yes and she did great!

Mackenzie took my first every photo with Miranda and she did it again 10 months later! ;)

Me and my two youngest!

After Mackenzie took pictures, Meredith wanted to join in the fun.  She didn't realize she needed to open one eye when taking pictures, so the first one was a little off! ;)
The next one, Mackenzie and I had to move into the frame because she moved the camera up as she was pressing the shutter button.
Again, Mackenzie took pictures...

And lastly, I took a "selfie" with my two oldest.  Not too bad for my "big" camera.

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