Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

Yesterday we went to my grandparents' house to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Brandon wanted to teach the girls how to fish, so we got there early before it got too hot.  Fishing is a lesson in patience. ;) Luckily, there was a bench near by. ;)
Mackenzie really wanted to see a fish.
A squinty selfie with Meredith.

Waiting is so hard to do when you are 5 and 2.

Miranda had her breakfast outside.
Granny, Mackenzie, and Meredith went for a ride in the golf cart.  They are carrying their favorite "toys" from granny's house - candles with the fake lights.  They play with them every time!
Brandon convinced the girls that they didn't need to be scared of Granny and Papa's dog, Penny.  If you recall, they had only ever played with Penny while she was in her kennel or the oh heresies of the door.  This time they really had fun.  They were cautious when petting her and squealed a lot, but did great which her.

Miranda just enjoyed the craziness of the girls playing with Penny.  She even touched it a few times and seemed to really like her.
Penny was after a cookie that Brandon ate and was determined to find it! The girls thought this was hysterical.
And of course, Brandon wouldn't be Brandon if he didn't goof off with the girls and try to make Penny lick Meredith.
The weather was nice even in the heat of the day.  Sitting on the back patio reminded me of the times we used to spend outside at my great grandparents' in Arkansas.  The girls decided we needed to play "bible hour", so we were singing and reciting our favorite bible verses together.

We finally did catch a catfish after lunch.  Papa had put a line out in the morning and after lunch he and Brandon realized a fish was on the line.  A 25 pound fish!
Mackenzie looked at it, soda "something stinks" and walked away! ;)
All 3 girls fell asleep on the way home and once home we relaxed and watched the fireworks on TV.  At their ages, that's good enough for us. ;)

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