Friday, July 11, 2014

Army Crawling

Miranda's been army crawling for a few weeks now!  I'm actually thankful she's a little more mobile.  She's also starting to venture more places other than where you put her down so that's cool too!  This morning I left her in her room while I was getting the big girls dressed and making smoothies.  I could hear her crying and noticed that it seemed like she was getting closer to the living room.  Sure enough, she was in the doorway between the bedroom hallway and living room.  She was NOT happy about being left in another room, but at least she knows how to find us!

When I first started saying army crawling, Meredith asked what it meant or why we called it that and this was Mackenzie's response.  "You know Meredith, she uses her arms to crawl.  'Arm'-y crawling."  It sounds like a perfectly good explanation to me! ;)

I pulled out my camera the other day and captured a little bit of her crawling as well as just sitting and playing!
A shoe, paper or remote control can make Miranda move super fast, but on this day, the horse worked just fine! ;)
Almost... it!!
 Now to get her on her hands and knees!

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