Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer recap: week 1

We started summer with a bang - two, fun, outdoor activities!  We met our church play group at the park one day and the zoo on another day.  Mackenzie was super excited when her best friend from school showed up at the park.  It had only been 5 days since they had seen each other, but you would have thought they hadn't seen each other in months!  Meredith LOVES to play with Mackenzie's friends so she was also very excited to see Mackenzie's friend.  She even insisted on sitting next to her at lunch!
Miranda even had her first picnic!  She sat while I fed her and seemed to really enjoy being outside even if it was fairly hot.
After playtime and lunch we fed the ducks.  7 kids go through a loaf of bread very fast! ;)

Later that week we went to the zoo.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...the zoo isn't my "cup of tea."  But, my girls love it so we go about once a year.  Meredith wasn't her best, but Miranda was awesome, so taking 3 kids wasn't too bad.
I had to break out the lollipops about 20 minutes into the visit.  Most Meredith crankiness can be solved with a lollipop!  Of course, when one gets candy, the other must also. ;)
I'm not sure what our family's obsession with meerkats is, but we have to see them every time we are there!
A lot of animals were sleeping, so there wasn't much to look at!  I took pictures of the kids instead. (Meredith is in the bottom left corner.  Our friend is the one on the right and Mackenzie is in the middle.)

Miranda pretty much stayed under the car seat cover sleeping or happily chewing on the stroller strap.
Feeding the giraffes was by far the best part of the day!  I paid the extra money for the big girls to feed the giraffes and they really liked it.  Just walking up the ramp to feed them gives you a better view...

This poor zebra was just staring at the wall...
They started eating too fast for me to get any good pictures and Meredith wanted me to help her, so I couldn't take any then.  While I was taking this picture, I sat Meredith's 3 pieces of lettuce on the stroller.  When I was finished, I looked over to see another giraffe eating the top piece of lettuce! Never leave food unattended! ;)
This is the photo that the zoo took of me and Meredith feeding the giraffe.  I didn't want to pay some crazy price like $14 for one 5x7, so I just took a picture of my computer screen! ;)

You can't see the cheetah very well, but I love this picture of the big girls!

Remember when I said Meredith really likes to play with Mackenzie's friends?  Meredith was very excited to walk around the zoo with Mackenzie's friend T.  She kept yelling "come this way T!", "T, look at this."  The three of them enjoyed watching the orangutan.  It was really hot and he was eating some sort of Popsicle, according to a zoo keeper.  He kept spitting it in and out of his mouth and the kids loved it.

These kind of pictures are so funny.  Not because they actually look like monkeys, but because they aren't looking at the camera, aren't tall enough or have their head through the hole! ;)

As we were walking out, Meredith finally wanted to have her photo taken!
What a fun first of summer!  Looking forward to the next couple of months!

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