Sunday, June 1, 2014

Splash Day

On Mackenzie's last day of school they had a splash day and all siblings were welcome, so Meredith had a lot of fun that day too!  She played in the pool the entire time we were there and loved it.  We've been taking swim lessons since January but haven't had any playtime in water other than baths.

She tried floating on her back like she does in swim lessons.

She played with a water gun for the first time too.  It might have been Mackenzie's first time also.  ;)

Even with all that fun, her favorite thing was jumping!

Mackenzie liked the jump house...
And Miranda just hung out...
Mackenzie received the most awesome last day of school gifts!  She came home with a beach towel and pale with her name on it.  Not to mention the pale filled with candy and chalk and other fun summer stuff.
My most favorite is her scrapbook that her teachers made throughout the year!
They even gave me all the leftover pictures they didn't use!
They scrap booked from meet the teacher night (the day I came home from the hospital) all the way to splash day (they mailed us a page to add at the end)!

This was such a great year for Mackenzie and she's so excited and ready for kindergarten!

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