Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Preschool - K4: Letter D

We actually did "school" activities today and I realized I never blogged about our letter D activities for Mackenzie. I guess we were in a rut at the beginning of the year, because Mackenzie is back to liking the 1+1+1=1 - Raising Rock Stars curriculum. We don't do everything in each packet, but we do some of the sheets that I know she is going to enjoy. Plus, she knows she can just tell me she doesn't want to work on a specific sheet and we skip it. It's all about having fun, for me.

She gladly traced the verse for letter D...
And was super excited to color, cut and paste the craft from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool.  We did this activity when she was 3, but she doesn't remember.  Meredith also did this activity and it's posted on her tot school post

These two sheets were easy for her, but review never helps...big vs. small and letter sounds.

She LOVES to learn sign language, so this is always a big hit!  And following directions to color certain shapes is also a favorite.
I love her drawings.  Duck, dog, doll and I think the last one was a dice that she colored in.
Other activities we did (and I photographed) included number mazes from Confessions of a homeschooler.  She did one that was numbers 1-30 and another one that was numbers 30-50.  I have these laminated (and they are actually back to back) so that we can reuse them over and over.  She just liked that she was able to use the "special" markers. ;)
Also from COAH is the letter D hunt sheets I laminated last summer and counting cards (I can't seem to find these on her sight, so they must be part of the K4 curriculum I bought).  You may recall we used similar cards to count from 1-100 earlier in the year.  This time I pulled out the counting by 10's cards and she did great with that.  We haven't really worked on counting by 2's 5's or 10's, so this was a great exercise.

And finally, because Meredith had matched the color puzzles from 1+1+1=1, Mackenzie had to also!
We are finishing up Letter E this week, so I'm sure I'll blog about that by the end of the summer! Ha!

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