Friday, June 27, 2014

new playground

Brandon and I bought the girls a new playset for the backyard.  The one we had previously was starting to rot and fall apart.  Brandon took a week off from work and spent several mornings and evening putting it together.  The girls were so excited to play on it when he was finished that they played barefoot and in their pajamas the first night!  The next night I took some pictures playing and enjoyed listening to them.


The playset has a toy phone, so Mackenzie ordered "peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - all homemade!" ;)  The small slide is apparently too fast for Meredith because she gets crooked while going down...

And lands in the grass EVERY time!

We also played on it one morning which I'm hoping becomes the standard on mornings we don't have anything else planned.
Miranda played with her own playset! ;)

I especially love that we put the playset in the middle of the yard so that I can see the girls from inside the house.  Here's to many memories with this playset!

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