Friday, June 6, 2014

Instagram Update

I haven't decide how I'm going to document my Instagram/Facebook posts yet, so for now, I'm putting my Instagram photos on the blog.  It might take me a couple of years, but eventually I turn these blog posts into books!

These aren't necessarily in chronological order...

 "Meredith had her loveys taken away because she wet her pull-up instead of using the toilet. I guess once the door closed for nap time there was nothing stopping her from creating new loveys."

 "She picked out her socks and shoes and then came in the room and said "I'm stylish.'"
*Note - these are her FAVORITE shoes and she wears them all the time!  I just ordered some more in the next size for fear of what might happen when these become too small for her! ;)

"Pink cowboy hat, A&M clothes, ruffle dress socks and red minnie mouse slippers. This matches right?!"

 "First time in the pool!"

"Loving our pool day! And a special thanks to a new friend for taking these pics!"

"She looks so small in the big high chair!"

"Just some pre-bed coloring. Doesn't everyone wear happy meal sunglasses and a princess dress over their pajamas to color?"

 "Its way too cold for Miranda and I to swim! We'll just watch everyone else."
*Note - this was on Memorial Day just before a storm blew in.  It was overcast, windy and the water was too cold, so she and I spent 1 1/2 hours hanging out outside watching the girls and Brandon swim.

"Too tired to play."

"Meredith decided Miranda needed Minnie mouse in the swing with her."

 "Today is national may ray day! We are out enjoying the sun while reading a book!"

 "Homemade dairy free vanilla pudding for national vanilla pudding day!"
*Note - No one really liked this recipe - not even Brandon.  I took the picture on the first bite because I didn't think she would like it.  At least she tried!

 "We found almost everything! Another crazy national holiday activity complete!"
*Note - This was for National Scavenger hunt Day. We walked to the playground, played and walked back looking for our list.

 "National donut day!"

Mackenzie: Momma what is this?
Me: a massive lollipop
Mackenzie: (opens the lollipop) I think massive means big.

"Drawing and coloring is sooooo relaxing! I need to do this more often. Thank you @megduerksen for the idea!"

Some of those pictures are just too funny not to document.  Read "Meredith makes life HILARIOUS!" ;)

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