Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A day at Moshi & Gapa's

Visiting Moshi and Gapa's is so much fun! Especially since a sweet treat is ALWAYS provided! This time, freeze dried ice cream, aka Dippin' Dots. They've had them before, but didn't remember, so they really liked them this time.

Also, this was Flag Day, so my mom decorated the table accordingly! ;)

Two for three looking at the camera - not bad. ;)
Meredith was being silly while I was trying to take our picture.
She also had A LOT of energy at one point and ran circles around the living room while singing a song from one of her favorite tv shows.  If any of us laughed or talked, she went back to this corner and started all over again.  Not surprisingly, she had to start over a lot!
Miranda loved watching Meredith run around!
Singing and dancing...

Miranda's new thing...not really sucking her thumb, but putting it in her mouth and kind of gnawing on it.
My poor brother loves kids and babies, but unfortunately only Mackenzie was cooperative and hugged him without crying! ;)

Can't wait to go visit again and go swimming!

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