Friday, May 16, 2014

Playground fun...or not!

I know Mackenzie is very much a "girly girl" and she has never really liked getting dirty.  However, I thought Meredith was going to be different.  She's always been much more adventurous and up until recently never cared about dirt or leaves or grass.  Did you read the "up until recently"?  Meredith is not afraid of cats or dogs or other animals, but you put a bug, piece of grass, dirt or STRING in front of her and you'd think we had just let a tiger bite her or something.  She freaks out and won't go near anything until that grass or dirt is removed.  It's not too bad when we play in our front yard because she plays on the driveway and you don't have to worry about too many bugs or random pieces of grass and dirt.  However, take her to a playground that has trees over it and it's another story!

A few weeks ago, I let Meredith play at Mackenzie's school playground after we dropped Mackenzie off at school.  Things were going great while she played in the "castle".

This is how her hair looks most of the time! ;)
Eventually, she found a bug around the castle and she didn't want to be inside it anymore.  So, I suggested the whale rocker thing, but she said no.  Not sure why - it wasn't dirty. about the drums.  The drums were fine for a few minutes until again, she noticed dirt. :(
 Let's try the actual playground..."um, momma...what's that?"
Just the typical leaf and/or fallen pollen bud to make a two year old think twice about CLIMBING stairs.  You know, climbing - where you don't touch anything with your hands!  No matter how much I told her that, it didn't matter, she wouldn't go up the stairs!

Finally, we tried the last available option for playing at the playground - climbing the "rock" wall.  Go figure - it was dirty too! ;)
Miranda on the other hand was perfectly content chewing on a burp cloth! ;)
When no fun could be had because of the dirt and general nature all around, we went home! ;)  What happened to my child who never cared about dirt?!

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