Monday, May 26, 2014

Photography Challenge - Day 5

I'm slowly making my way through Courtney's 30 day photography challenge from Click-it Up a Notch.  It's not that it's hard to complete, I just haven't had much time to focus on it.  Typically I read ahead a little for the challenges so that I know what the next challenge is and can sometimes use that challenge when taking pictures of our daily/weekly events.  Anyways, I've always loved taking pictures, but I love it even more now that I know what my camera can do and how much control over it I have in manual mode!  Go try the challenge for yourself! ;)

Challenge 5 - Wide Open

Shooting "wide open" and creating the blurriness in the background is one of the reasons I bought a 50mm lens, so this challenge has been one of my favorites!  As usual, all the pictures below include my straight out of camera image (left or top) and my edited image (right or bottom).  I used my Canon EF 50mm lens to take all of the photos.  I'll list the details of each shot below if you are interested.

But first, here are the pictures I took for the challenge...

Miranda - one of my favorites.  I love the warm light photoshop effect I added.
50mm   f/1.8    1/800ss    ISO-800

I barely adjusted this next one in photoshop.
50mm   f/1.8    1/800ss    ISO-800

Another favorite are these hand in hand ones.

50mm   f/1.8    1/400ss    ISO-400

50mm   f/1.8    1/640ss    ISO-400

Mackenzie loves our "new to us" piano from my grandmother.  I wish she had a solid colored nightgown for this picture, but this is where we are in life, so why not document it?!
50mm   f/1.8    1/640ss    ISO-1600

50mm   f/1.8    1/250ss    ISO-1600

Miranda's new favorite thing to do...
50mm   f/1.8    1/50ss    ISO-400

I LOVE Miranda's legs and wanted to capture all of her rolls - especially at the knees!
50mm   f/1.8    1/200ss    ISO-1600

Meredith just after she woke up from a nap.  She rarely wakes up happy and boisterous from naps, so this is a perfect picture to show her at this moment in life. (And just a little pop of color in the photoshop edit.)
50mm   f/1.8    1/100ss    ISO-1600

Now I need to go see what the next few challenges are and work on them.  Maybe not now since it is currently raining cats and dogs outside, but in the next week or so! ;)

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