Friday, May 30, 2014

Miranda is 9 months old!


It's already been 9 months since Miranda was born!  To say I've enjoyed EVERY minute of it would be a lie, however I LOVE Miranda and how she completes our family!  I wouldn't change a thing over the last 9 months except maybe more sleep, less crying and no food allergies.  ;) Can I please have some tex-mex with a big bowl of queso?!  Or maybe a name brand cookie with dark chocolate and a glass of cold milk?!  ;)

Anyways, this is about Miranda, not me! ;)  Miranda is getting so much bigger and other than knowing she's 9 months rather than 7 months, you'd never know she was a preemie!  Her cheeks are so chubby and are officially wider than the top of her head!

We went for her 9 month check up this week and below are her stats.  While the percentages compared to other nine month olds are low, she's doing great and the doctor isn't concerned at all.

Weight: 15 lbs 13oz (12th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2" (10th percentile)

At 9 months, Miranda

- nurses about 3 or 4 times a day and once or twice at night...unless we have a bad night.
- eats 2-3 meals of baby food a day and has liked everything except mixed vegetables.
- rolls over both ways and both directions.
- drinks water from a sippy cup.
- wears 9 month clothing
- loves to bounce, wiggle and kick her legs around when you hold her or she gets excited.
- smiles and laughs at her sisters.
- very interested in jewelry and pulls at it any chance she gets.
- puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.

And as always, the comparison picture of all three girls!

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