Thursday, May 1, 2014

Miranda is 8 months!

She's 8 months!  In just 4 short months we will be celebrating her first birthday!  I say short months because the next four months will be loaded with summer fun and getting ready for Mackenzie to go to Kinder and Meredith to go to preschool.  Busy times for us, so I know the months will fly by!

Miranda has changed a lot in the last two weeks!  She's reaching for things, talking more and will let others hold her for longer periods of time before she needs her "best friend" as Brandon likes to say.  That's me, in case you couldn't figure it out! ;)

At 8 months, Miranda...
- wears 6-9 month clothing
- sits up with only a few tumbles here and there.
- reaches for toys (and other things) and instantly takes them to her mouth.
- rolls from front to back.
- does not really care for baths.
- likes to pull her pasi out of her mouth and chew on it to make it squeak.
- has started trying to blow raspberries with her mouth.
- drools and slobbers A LOT.  I'm hoping to see some bottom teeth pretty soon.
- STILL DOES NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I don't even see an end in sight, so I have no other commentary.

As usual, here's the comparison picture of all three girls!

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