Thursday, May 22, 2014


It's been awhile since I've had a list post, so how about one now?! ;)

1.)  The girls still love their little sister! ;)  Miranda smiles when she sees them and is starting to laugh more and more when they say and do things.  Of course, this just makes them repeat the same action to get more laughs.  Everyone's happy, so its a win-win!

2.)  Have you ever seen the show Imagination Movers?  It's on the disney chanel (or disney jr) and one of the characters is called Uncle Knit Knots.  He wears only beige colors and wants everything to be boring.  With that said, the other day I couldn't find our typical night time diapers for Meredith so I had to buy another brand.  The only other brand I could find was the recycled/organic diapers and when I opened them up at home they were beige.  The first thing I thought of was Uncle Knit Knots!   For 3 weeks we called them her Uncle Knit Knots diapers, and everyone laughed every night she put one on.  Here's what they looked like...

3.)  Brandon's birthday is tomorrow.  Mackenzie has said for at least 6 months that he would have a Wall-E birthday party because she thinks that's his favorite movie.  (He always suggests that movie to them.)  However, when I took the girls to the party store we didn't find anything for Wall-E. :/  We found another theme but we decide to surprise Brandon and not tell him about the change of plans.  Mackenzie is really into "tricking" people or "just joking you", so she is thoroughly enjoying this surprise.  I told Brandon we weren't doing Wall-e, so he's in on the trick too.  Brandon says Mackenzie has kept a straight face every time they talk about his party and she says "oh you are having a wall-e party."  Then, a few minutes later she comes running to me whispering that "Daddy still thinks we are having a wall-e party!"  Tonight she came running into the kitchen with a distressed looks saying "Daddy told me if he didn't get a wall-e party I wouldn't be able to play with his duck call every again!"  I smiled and told her that Daddy likes to joke too which seemed to pacify her a little.  I hope she can survive one more day until the reveal! ;)

4.)  Mackenzie had to have two baby teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago, so we got an early visit from the tooth fairy.  She drew the picture on the front and I wrote what she wanted me to write on the inside of the letter to the tooth fairy...

That's a picture of the toothfairy with sky above her and grass below.  The lines coming down from her are her "magic".  The card reads "Dear Toothfairy,  I don't have the teeth I lost, but the dentist pulled them out.  That is how I lost my teeth."
She left her card sticking out a little so the tooth fairy would see it.
I don't have a picture of the letter and money she received from the toothfairy, but I do remember her name is Buttercup.  ;)

5.)  I'm trying a few new things this summer.  First is a "bucket list".  I already had a list of all things to do with the girls this summer and had them broken into categories - inside play, outside play, crafts, food, and field trips.  I wrote them all out on popsicle sticks and Mackenzie helped me color code the sticks.  With three little ones (or really just the baby), I can't be as spontaneous about outings, so the idea is that every Sunday, they can pick a few sticks and then I will choose when during that next week we'll do them.  They can always pick an inside and outside play and then I'll rotate weeks on the food and crafts and throw in a field trip on weeks we don't already have something planned.

The other things I'm doing is looking at the National calendar (of goofy holidays) and "participating" in them. Monday we read a chapter book out loud in our front yard and enjoyed some sun light for National May Ray Day.  Today we tried homemade dairy free (almond milk) vanilla pudding for National Vanilla Pudding Day.  If I can pull it off, I'm hoping to have a scavenger hunt ready for them on Saturday morning for National Scavenger Hunt day.  I've made the list of holidays I want to do, but haven't told the girls about any of them until we do them.  I don't really want to be tied down to them and as you may know, once you tell a child you are going to do something, you better do it or you'll never here the end of it.  So, we are keeping them as surprises.

So, that's a few goings on.  I have several things to blog about, but just need the time to edit photos and blog! ;)

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