Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The girls are funny!

It's time once again to play catch up with the girls funny sayings and actions...

At the museum, Brandon and the girls went in a few minutes before me while I fed Miranda in the car.  When I walked in, Mackenzie pointed to the aquarium and said, "Look Momma, a Damselfish!"  I'm pretty sure she was right, although I know very little about fish.  She remembers most of the sea creatures she sees on Octonauts and that's where she learned about Damselfish.  I just asked her what else she knew about them and she said that they don't share their algae and when they don't then coral can die.  That was the story line for that episode - very good memory!

Mackenzie had pajama day at school the other day.  The night before she chose her pajamas that she wanted to wear the next day.  Unfortunately, they were ones she had worn the night before (we wear pajamas twice). :/  Brandon was able to convince her that she should wear clean pajamas the next day.  So yay, she went to school in clean pajamas and ones that hadn't been wallered out from two nights of sleeping! ;)

Meredith HAS to be the first to get her teeth brushed in the morning and night.  There have been several crying fits if Mackenzie gets there first.  At night we read books before bed and as soon as I turn the last page of the last book, Meredith jumps up and runs to the bathroom.  Once there, she stands on the stool, IN THE DARK until Brandon or I come to brush her teeth.  It makes me laugh every night.  Once her teeth are brushed, then she worries about giving everyone hugs/kisses goodnight and finding her lovies.  Her other "routine" is to hide under her covers until we come into the bedroom and pull the covers off.  Clearly, she's not afraid of the dark! ;)

Meredith still cries during swim lessons.  She does not care for floating on her back and if she feels the teacher has let go of her, the tears come even more.  When we went to the Museum a couple of weeks ago, Brandon was able to see the girls have their swim lessons and saw Meredith cry for about half of the lesson.  In the car, Brandon asked her if she cried and she said, "Yes, I cried for help."  Too funny!

I was trying to buckle Meredith into her carseat the other day and I guess I was a little frustrated (I had just taken all three girls with me :/ ), so I got onto her about not helping me and she responded with, "You super mad, momma?"  And with that phrase - my frustration disappeared! ;)

To go along with the story above, Meredith now blows me a kiss every time she's in trouble.  For instance: Today I was stripping Mackenzie's bed at 5 pm this afternoon because Meredith's pull up had leaked while she was laying/sitting in her bed.  And she was sitting in Mackenzie's bed because her diaper had leaked at 5 this morning while she was sleeping.  She's not in trouble for the night time leak, but I got onto her for the day time leak.  She knows how to us the restroom and just flat out refuses and/or forgets and just goes in her pull up.  Anyways, as I was stripping the bed, she was standing down the hall in the bathroom and I told her she is not to go potty in her pull up.  She responded with, "yes ma'am" and then blew me a kiss.  I told her I love her kisses, but that doesn't keep her from being in trouble.  It makes it a little harder for me to be mad, but she's still in trouble. ;)

And my most favorite story come from Sunday morning at church.  We were sitting in the cry room because the big girls still aren't their best during church and the song leader called out the first song.  Meredith got off the pew to pick up a song book and as she was climbing back on the pew, the song leader started singing.  She turned around really quickly and said, "No, I not ready! I not ready!"  She looked like she was about to start crying as she opened her song book to whatever random page she wanted.  I had to calm her down and tell her it was ok!  She settled down and started singing along, so no major meltdown, but it was pretty funny.  Note to self...have the song book already out this Sunday! ;)

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