Saturday, April 26, 2014

That age!

Meredith is at that age where almost every thing she says is funny.  Ages 2-4 are so much fun because of that.  I think it's God's way of making up for the tantrums and meltdowns that also accompany this age group! ;)

The other day as Brandon was putting Meredith in the car to go to church he accidentally hit her head.  She said it was okay because it was only her "headfor".  We had her repeat the phrase several times not knowing what she was saying, until finally Mackenzie spoke up and suggested "forehead" as the possible word.  Meredith said yes that's what she was talking about.  Later at church Brandon was pointing to his knee, arms, chin...asking Meredith to name them and when he pointed to his eyebrows, she called them "brownies".  So, apparently I need to work with Meredith on her body part names. : /  For now, though, everyone has headfors and brownies!

Meredith can't pronounce the "th" sound.  Examples of mispronounced words are:
"wank you" - thank you
"whis" - this
"what" - that
My favorite is how she says her name.  She calls herself "Merediff".  And if I call her Meredith Meyers she says, "I not Meyers, I just MerediFF!"

Meredith discovered nose hairs in Brandon's nose the other day, so when I was putting her in the car she asked me if I had nose hairs.  When I said yes, everyone has them, she immediately said, "not me!"

During her naptime prayer the other day, she thanked God for her tee tees and poops in her diaper. After the prayer, I asked her if I heard her correctly and she just nodded her head and said yes.  I had just told Mackenzie the night before that we could pray for anything and God will listen.  He doesn't always answer a prayer the way we want, but he will listen to us, so pray about whatever you are thinking.  Meredith might have taken it a little too literal. ;)

I think I've said this before, but our family has this ongoing joke/thing about n*pples.  (I don't want that word googled to come here.)  Anyways, Mackenzie's first thoughts about Meredith were that she would have baby n*pples, the girls always request Brandon to keep a shirt on to hide his and so on and so forth.  So, it's kind of been a joke to say the word anytime anyone in our family shows theirs.  Which brings us to me and Meredith in a dressing room while I try on bathing suits!  I get ready to try on the first suit and Meredith says/yells "n*pples!" in a sing-song-y voice.  I couldn't help but laugh while I told her to be quiet.  What can you do?! ;)

She likes to say/complain that someone or something is "correcting her", but I've yet to figure out what exactly she means by that.  Sometimes a toy won't fit and it's "correcting her".  Sometimes Mackenzie is bothering her and she's "correcting her".  And sometimes she doesn't want me to talk to her and she tells me to stop "correcting her" even though I may not be doing that.  

And my recent favorite was a week ago as we were driving to my parents' house.  Brandon was driving, so I was in the passenger seat and had turned my head around to see what Meredith had said.  She had already repeated the word two or three times and I just wasn't understanding what she was saying.  When I looked at her, she looked at me, pointed to her mouth and said something to the affect of "watch my lips" before repeating the questionable word again.  I laughed so hard by the "watch my lips" thing that I still don't know what she was trying to say and she gave up.

She keeps me laughing every day and I probably only remember half the stuff she says that is funny.  Mackenzie asked me the other day if she said anything funny when she was little and I could only remember a few things, but thanks to my handy dandy blog turned book, I was able to look at past blog posts where I documented what she had said when she was little.  Mackenzie was basically wondering if she was funny when she was little, but just because she's five doesn't mean she doesn't say funny things.  My current favorite is from a couple of weeks ago when she was drawing me a picture.  As she handed me the picture, this is what she said...

"If there is one heart on the drawing it means I love you. If there are three hearts, then I love you as much as God loves us. If there are hearts all over then it means I love you MORE than God loves us. Here's your drawing - I just love you regular right now. I'll draw more hearts later."

Haha! I laughed outloud on that one.  You'd think she wouldn't be able to top that one, but I'm sure something will be said in the next month or so that will be even better! ;)  Here's to many many more funny saying from my girls!

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