Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ready for Kindergarten!

Yesterday I registered Mackenzie for Kindergarten.  Yay - I'm so excited for her.  I know most moms get a little sad because their "baby girl" is growing up, but I couldn't be more excited about this next stage in her life.  I document my girls' lives plenty through pictures, journals and the blog, so I don't feel like I'm losing my little girl.  She's still here in memories.  Besides, there are more memories in store for us as she grows up.  Not to mention, two little sisters following her!

Speaking of the two little sisters...they were awesome yesterday!  We left the house yesterday at 9:05 to take Mackenzie to preschool.  It was western day/petting zoo day so Mackenzie wore her cowgirl hat (the only one we have).  We don't have any boots, so that's as western as we get.  Despite what some people may think, not all Texans own boots or hats! ;)  I didn't take any photos because I was planning to go back to the school a couple of hours later to see her at the petting zoo.  My how things change. :/  After dropping her off at school, I drove back to our neighborhood elementary school to register Mackenzie for Kindergarten.  I packed snacks, the ipad and a water for Meredith planning for about an hour wait.  She moved through the snacks pretty quickly, but was pretty good considering there wasn't much to do except play on the stairs of the stage.  Meredith only needed to use the restroom once and we were able to do that between two lines, so we didn't really lose our place in line.  Although, everyone was so nice I don't think we would have had to worry about that, anyway. 

At about 11:00, Miranda started getting hungry, so I went up on the stage and sat behind a curtain to nurse her while the lady behind me kept my place in line with my stroller.  After about 5 or 10 minutes of nursing, the principal moved the line along the stage and my "hiding" place was a little revealed, so rather than being on display to a bunch of moms and dads, I got back in line.  Unfortunately at 11:45 (2 hours after we arrived), we were still waiting and I knew it would be at least 30-45 minutes more before we were finished.  When the principal offered "rain checks" to come back at 1 pm and be first in line, I jumped.  Meredith was finally starting to lose her patience and with lunch around the corner, I knew we needed a change of scenery.  I quickly loaded up the two little ones and tried to get to Mackenzie's school for the last 5 minutes of the petting zoo to get a few pics and let Meredith have some fun for the day.  We got there about two minutes to twelve and the animals were already packed up and Mackenzie's class was walking inside. :(  I was a little bummed, but it wasn't anything a large sweet tea couldn't fix! ;)  I grabbed lunch for Meredith from whataburger and went back to the school parking lot to wait for our 1 o'clock time slot.  While sitting there I was able to feed Miranda, so all would be well in our next wait. ;)

And then, because I needed even more fun in my day, my mom called to tell me that the alarm company called her (I had ignored the 888 number on my phone) to say our house alarm was going off!  Ooh yay!  I quickly put Miranda back in her carseat and drove home (two minutes away).  The police officer was already there, had looked around and concluded that all was well and it was just a false alarm.  I quickly turned off the alarm, looked around to make sure all was ok and went back to the school , just in time to get in line for our 1:00 rain check!  40 minutes later, including another bathroom break (Meredith) in which I had to ask my friend in another line to hold Miranda, Mackenzie was officially registered!  That was followed by a drive to the preschool for the third time to pick Mackenzie up from school!

So, it's done! I don't have to do it again for another 2 and 4 years!  Although, as Granny said, I'll have one less kid to take with me each time I go! ;)

After we got home yesterday, I ate lunch and then made cookie dough and us big girls sat on the floor with the bowl and three spoons!  It was awesome! ;)  Today we are still in our pajamas and I don't have anything planned for the day except maybe a trip to the playgound this afternoon when it warms up a bit.  This is the last year I'll be able to do this (when its not a holiday), so I'm enjoying it while I can! 

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