Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Playroom Toy Storage

Right after Christmas, a corner of our playroom looked like this:

Everything was piled into a corner and overflowing from a small basket on the floor.  I never knew what I was going to step on or how far I'd have to reach to open the blinds every morning.  I wanted to have some sort of storage but I didn't want it to be huge and take up too much space.  Enter IKEA.  When I bought the storage for the hand-me-down organization, I also bought a storage unit for the playroom.  The size is perfect and the stepping makes it look smaller than it is.  I love it and it brought immediate organization to the room and helped control some of the clutter of toys.

While the toys had been in the proper buckets since January, I didn't put labels on the buckets until a week ago.  :/  The sad thing is that I made the labels on the computer in February and finally printed them a week ago.  I took pictures of the toys inside and in some cases just used pictures we already had of the toys.  Once I printed them, it took all of 5 minutes to put them on the buckets.  I hate it when it takes me so long to do such a simple task!  But at least they are finished. ;)

I love a good before and after - especially this one!

I have another organized space to blog about soon - again, I only have to finish the labels!

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