Saturday, April 12, 2014

Photography Challenge - Day 3

Life is pretty busy with three kids, so I'm just now getting around to finishing Day 3 in Courtney's 30 day photography challenge from Click-it Up a Notch.  I've been using manual mode for just about all of my pictures I've been taking lately!  The museum, seeing the cows & monthly photos have all been in manual mode.  The only time I switched back to auto was at the strawberry patch because I needed to be quicker with my picture taking.  Eventually, I hope I can be as quick in manual mode.  Anyways, I'm loving all of my pictures even when I'm not trying a challenge.  I feel like manual mode makes me look more at the picture and what I'm trying to capture - a more focused approach to picture taking rather than just point and shoot over and over. 

Challenge 3 - Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds was a bit difficult sometimes and I think some of mine are really more like a rule of "halves", but you'll get the point.  Here are my photos I took as part of the challenge:

All the pictures below include my straight out of camera image (left or top) and my edited image (right or bottom).  I used my Canon EF 50mm lens as well as my Canon EFS 18-135mm to take all of the photos.  I'll list the details of each shot below if you are interested.

Meredith's so happy in the bathtub!
50mm   f/2.8    1/100ss    ISO-1600

Mackenzie loved playing outside with the butterfly wings.
50mm   f/4    1/3200ss    ISO-400

50mm   f/4    1/3200ss    ISO-400

Meredith loves her some orange juice! ;)
50mm   f/2.8    1/100ss    ISO-1600

I love these little chubby cheeks!
50mm   f/1.8    1/500ss    ISO-1600

I've posted the cow pictures before, but I was trying the challenge when I was taking the pictures.  This is when I used my multi zoom lens - Canon EFS 18-135mm.  I'll list the actual depth in the info below.  I sure am glad digital photos record all their information on the file! ;)
41mm   f/5.6    1/250ss    ISO-200

69mm   f/5.6    1/250ss    ISO-200

Yesterday I couldn't resist a picture of Miranda sleeping.  She was playing on the floor and I guess got sleepy, so why not take a nap?! ;)
50mm   f/2    1/30ss    ISO-400

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