Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Museum of Natural Science

Two weeks ago, Brandon and I took the girls to the Museum of Natural Science.  We actually went to the branch location in Sugarland.  It was much smaller, but since we pretty much had the museum to ourselves we are not complaining!  This trip was originally planned for Meredith's birthday back in August, but since Miranda arrived early, things changed!

The girls were most excited to see the dinosaur bones!

These animal skulls were interesting and the fact that the girls could touch them was even more fun!

The dinosaur models were also exciting!

Meredith really liked looking at all of the gemstones.  I think she looked at each of them twice!

The ones they could touch were pretty neat too!


We saw a lot of interesting frogs!  Some were really hard to find, but some sat out front for all to see!

One of Meredith's favorites were the spotlights on the floor to look like water.  She danced and ran around in this area for quite awhile.  We were one of maybe 4 or 5 families in the entire museum, so her running around in here didn't bother anyone! 

Brandon got in on the fun and pretended to be a shadow monster while the girls ran around!

Mackenzie's favorite were the glow in the dark mineral rocks.  That's probably not what they are actually called, but that's what I'm calling them.  ;)
Overall, we had a great time and it was a fun family activity.  When all three girls are much older, then we'll take them to the big museum, but for now this was perfect for us!


  1. I did not even know this branch museum existed! This is a MUST for this summer! I think the animal skulls are way too cool! :)

    1. Kim, I think it would be great for a morning or afternoon visit. It wouldn't take a whole day, but it's still fun. They also have a dig pit that everyone raves about, but we weren't too interested in letting the girls dig in the dirt. You could, say, even visit some friends in Katy and then stop by the museum on your way home! *wink wink*


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