Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Motherhood...most of the time is fun and I love it.  Other times...not so much. :/  After having Meredith, adjusting to life with two kids was not difficult for me.  I had always worked while it was just Mackenzie, so the whole "stay at home mom" thing was new to me and I forged a path with two kids having never know what it was like with just one kid at home.  When I was pregnant with Miranda I had thought about our adjustment and how things would be different, but I figured "hey it's my third kid, I got this covered!"  I would have to say that during the day, this statement holds true.  I can manage the grocery store and target with all three and no melt downs - although not on the same day. ;)  We've made hour long car trips to visit my parents and grandparents, we go to weekly swim lessons for the older girls, play in our yard or at the playground and we've gone out to eat several times with just me and the girls.  Daily routines are not much different than they were last year with two kids, but with fewer weekly activities and a little more stay at home time. 

During the day I'm an experienced mother, but during the night I feel like a first time mom - 7 months in!  Miranda "marches to the beat of her own drum".  She doesn't know she does this as she is just 7 months old, but she is a completely different baby from her older sisters!  Both Mackenzie and Meredith were sleeping through the night in their cribs by 5 months.  Mackenzie might have woken up once in the night when she was a baby, but it was nothing locating a lovey and/or a pat on the back couldn't fix.  And Meredith rarely woke up as a baby (other than last spring when she had a few weeks of waking up during the night - at 20 months old).  Miranda, on the other hand, was getting better about sleeping at night until about a month ago.  When we started her on solids we had a few hiccups - formula causing gas/fussiness, sweet potatoes causing gas/fussiness, oatmeal causing gas/fussiness.  Do you see a trend?  She has a SUPER sensitive tummy and it would seem that just about everything causes  tummy troubles.  The solution during that first month of solids was to nurse whenever she cried out and eating helped settle her tummy/push the gas out.  Of course, this solution has now backfired on me as I think she uses me as a way to go back to sleep. :(  I usually nurse her at 10 or 10:30 before I go to bed and then we get about 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep before she starts waking up EVERY hour after that until 7 am!  Every time she wakes up she cries until I nurse her. I've tried holding out, but she just screams louder.  I finally let her nurse and she does it for all of 5 minutes and falls asleep - only to wake up an hour later to do the same thing!  This is why I feel like a new mom at night.  And not just a new mom with her first child, but a new mom with a newborn!  Why am I having to wake up sooooooo often at 7 months after birth?!  I'm trying to figure out what exactly is bothering her so that I can cut it our of her/my diet.  I fed her squash yesterday morning, but she hadn't had baby food in 4 or 5 days, so I don't think that was the issue.  The crazy thing about all of this is that during the day she's great.  She eats every 4 hours, is happy when she's awake and takes 2 (sometimes 3) really good naps.  The naps are in the swing, but she's also slept in her carseat here in the house, so I don't think the movement is a requirement.  Maybe tonight I'll try her little rocker seat thing in case it's a sleeping upright thing.  Who knows?!

My goal is to be able to sleep through the night by her first birthday.  I have 4 1/2 months to achieve that goal!  We can do it!  I think... 

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