Sunday, March 30, 2014

Strawberry Picking - 2014

For the third year in a row (see here and here for the past years), we went strawberry picking with my grandparents.  As usual, we fill up our buckets very fast with some tasty, juicy, ripe strawberries!

After editing my photos I discovered two things...
1.  I was clearly paired with Meredith as I only have 2 photos of Mackenzie picking berries.
2.  At some point in the very beginning I got strawberry juice on my lens and have a red spot on all of my pictures! :/

This is Mackenzie showing me the big strawberry she picked just for her daddy!  I probably should have moved a little so that the strawberry wasn't right in FRONT of her face! ;)
 Meredith might have gotten a little too much stem when she picked this strawberry! ;)
 All fixed!
10 minutes later, our buckets were full!
Mackenzie really wanted her picture taken with the wooden strawberries!
 It was super windy that day, so EVERYONE's hair was in their face, not just Meredith's!
And, Miranda stayed comfy and cozy in the stroller!  Next year she'll get her chance to pick some strawberries!

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